December 6th, 2014, 4:11 pm

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potatoe1988, December 7th, 2014, 7:55 am     Reply

I love the font you're using for these sound effects. It really works well for them.

Kabra Kare, December 7th, 2014, 4:52 pm     Reply

@potatoe1988: Thank you! But these sounds I write by hands and I don't use any font.

potatoe1988, December 7th, 2014, 4:58 pm     Reply

@Kabra Kare: Wow, that's even better! Now that I'm looking carefully I can see that the letters aren't identical (at least not in the bottom ones?), but they looked so neat and consistent I just assumed it was a font.

Jem (Guest), December 8th, 2014, 12:39 pm     Reply

That's impressive. You have a good hand writing. But then I type so much that I hardly write anything anymore. It's no wonder it sucks so much now. :)

HIdden, January 3rd, 2015, 6:21 pm     Reply

Great choice of perspective.

shadowpen, January 8th, 2015, 5:25 pm     Reply

i love how you tell the story through the character's sketches!! such a cool idea. :)

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